Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Showcasing Catherine (Ien) Temaluru

Hi Everyone!  Sorry I haven't been around much and on top of the update, I had planned to do a showcase a day but my regular life has just been crazy.  We had a long weekend away and have had family visiting.  It seems like I have just been running in circles.  I have a big project that will be complete this weekend and then I think things will be back to a more normal pace (crossing fingers)

Tonight I wanted to show you the bracelet that Catherine (Ien) Temaluru made for my bracelet challenge.  She actually made two bracelets with her three beads.  I love them both but I have to tell you when I clicked on the first one and that butterfly loaded I was so amazed.  I still am, every time I look at it I am just in awe of her designs, they are so intricate and beautiful.  Below is the description Ien sent me pf her pieces. 

For the butterfly bracelet (i name it Sommerfugl):

"I was so thrilled to make something out of your beads. I want something unique, something that could make your beautiful beads as the center of my jewelry.
Meanwhile, I was working on chitrapataNgah Series, and were in love with the way I made every butterfly component of the series.
An idea (well, some ideas) ran through my mind and I was challenged to make a bigger version of the butterfly component as a focal part of my bracelet.
I choose soft and similar color to the beads so it looks sweet (It is, right? lol)
And I'm so happy with the result..

In Danish, Sommerfugl means butterfly, and also "summer bird". Guess it's a perfect name for this piece when I see the colors :)

ChitrapataNgah links:

For the Summer Solstice Bracelet :

"I want something different from my previous jewelries. Something look classic yet elegant, so I decided to use bronze color wire instead of silver.
This bracelet was made in a day. And I love the outcome :)

 I name this bracelet SUMMER SOLSTICE.
The pinkish stone represent color of the sky at dawn. The bronze wire represent the shadow it brings: mysterious moment before dawn, and the anticipation for everything will come on the next day.
The beautiful beads represent summer's spirits. Every joy, beauties and every good things come with it.

And as for me,
I made One Of A Kind jewelries, which not only One Of A Kind, but also really means something for the person who wear it, really personalized one. That's why I put "personalized handcrafted" statement with my brand.
 I used to made my jewelries based on order. I rarely have ready stock item in my shelf.
my FB fan page:

I also want to congratulate Ien on her new daughter, she is a beautiful baby.  I hope you will stop by Ien's page and see more of her work,

I will have more info on the next challenge tomorrow, I planned to post the info tonight but I am just too tired to think.  This month will be a little different than the previous month's sign ups, I will explain more tomorrow.



  1. I LOVE Ien's Jewelry...especially the Butterfly bracelet in the 1st photo!!! ;)

  2. Thank you, Jan.. ^_^

    Thank you, Heather!!

  3. That butterfly bracelet is amazing!

  4. Once again, thank you so much Heather..
    It's your beautiful beads that makes it amazing ^_^