Friday, November 11, 2011

Earring Challenge Reveal

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 I sent all the participants a pair of beads to create their earrings with.  I was hoping to challenge their creativity by asking them to try to create chandelier ot hoop style earrings or something a little out of their comfort zone. 
I was so surprised with the creativity of each design, they are all so pretty and individual.  I love each and every one of the designs.  Thank you to all the designers who took part.  This month I am including the descriptions that some of the designers sent.  Click on the pictures for bigger views.
1. Joanna Sideris-Venetis 
I love both the earrings and the picture.  Joanna used vintage findings that she repainted along with crystals and glass pearls. They are so romantic!

2. Despina Veneti
"Oriental Garden Chandelier Earrings".
This pair just amazes me!  Despina said they were inspired by the long chandelier earrings that Indian women wear.  They are hand-formed and wire-wrapped, made of gold wire from scratch and my lampwork beads with faceted crystal drops in amethyst purple and olive green.

3. Janice Everett
"Teardrops from Heaven"
I love these earrings also, it is hard not to say that about each design. Janice had a very touching story about creating these earrings,  I think she is planning to blog about their creation when she gets a chance.  They were created with all Fallen Angel Brass, your beads and Swarovski Crystals.

4. ShaLayne Evans
This pair of earring has such a "WOW" impact.  Exquisitely detailed earrings with a fabulous, ornate design!  These beauties feature lovely, floral, lightweight silver metal with sparkling shades of pink Swarovski crystals and gorgeous lampwork beads with rosy pink roses and blossoms on a sage base. 

5. Kimberly Booth
These earrings are so sweet!  Looking at them just makes me smile.

6. Lisa Richard

"Garden Dance"by Pretty Lily Custom Jewelry. 
I love how Lisa hung tghe beads sideways from the way I would have expected to create the framework for her earrings.

7. Debbie Jensen
"Sweet Bouquet "
I love the ribbon bows that Debbie added to her earrings.  She used chinese jade, tiny pink freswater pearls, her own silver oval jumprings and hilltribe silver leaves and beadcaps.

8. Heather Richter
"Crystal Rose Waterfall"
Heather made such a cute pair of earrings, I love the crystal drops, "Chrystal Rose Waterfall is the perfect name for them.

9. Catharine Temaluru
I am always in awe of everything Ien makes.  She totally amazes me and these earrings are no exception. I love her butterflies. I wish I could visit her in Jakarta to see her sweet baby and watch her work.  Such amazing detail, I don't know how she does it.  She just emailed me a little story about her earrings, I have to share with you all.

These beads arrived just a few days ago. I just finished the earrings and don't even have a name for it
:(Actually, i don't even know what chandeliers earrings means. Mr. Google helps me out :)
I got this definition from "Chandelier earrings closely resemble (big surprise!) mini chandeliers. They're long, gorgeous, and ultra-glam. And they're also known as shoulder-dusters."
Well, okay..
I made my first design with loops and curves, and show it to my hubby. He said it is not my style.. So i made this butterfly design and he likes it.

I asked my lil girl which one she like, and this is what she did:
I showed her the first piece and she just starred at it with flat expression.
I showed her the butterfly piece and she smiled!! She wove her lil hands tried to grasp it..

Guess we know which one she likes, right?
So here it is :)
By the way, Heather's floral beads always make me think about something out of the box. And it's feel so easy to make beautiful things from such beautiful beads.

10. Kathryn Bolen
I love the colors of this bead with the copper wire Kat used, it really brings out the color. They are so pretty, I love the drops at the bottom of each earring.

I hope you all have enjoyed seeing these earrings as much as I have.  Please visit the designers shops and links.