Friday, June 24, 2011

Bracelet Challenge, Voting now open.

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I want so say thank you to all the participants in my Bracelet Challenge. I was once again completely blown away by the creativity and beauty of your designs. You all out did yourselves. Thank you so much for participating.
For those of you who don't know what this is about, I had sign ups about a month and a half ago and sent each participant three floral lampwork beads with the challenge to make a bracelet. Design and materials used were completely up to the designers. Here are their completed designs, I hope you enjoy seeing them as much as I have.Vote for your favorite in the column to the right.

Be sure to click on th pictures for a larger more detailed view. I plan to showcase the individual designs and designers starting next Tuesday.

1.Vanessa Floyd

3. Catharine Temaluru

5. Julie Harris

I also wanted to tell you about an auction that is being put together featuring designs made with my beads. Valerie!/pages/Antiquarian-Boutique/222499227769498 and Karen are putting it together. They are in the process of organizing it now. It will be hosted on Karen's site soetime toward the end of August to early September. They are currently looking for designers who have made a design with my beads that would like to donate a peice of jewelry.

When they ased me to choose a charity, it came at the perfect time. I had just talked to a friend who had just returned from a mission trip with her son to Ethiopia. She told me the most heart breaking story about an orphanage they had visited and babies that were dying because there just wasn't formula to feed them. Lukily they were delivering formula in the supplies they had brough over as part of the trip. I knew as soon as Valerie asked me to choose a charity that I would like the money raised to go to this orphanage. You can read more about it at and the orphanage at


  1. Wonderful designs!!!!!

  2. I just signed up for your newsletter because I would LOVE to be in your next contest. VEry cool.

  3. Such beautiful creations - it's so hard to choose just one!

  4. I choose them all!!! WOW such stunningly gorgeous beads and beautiful jewelry made with them. Bravo, everyone!!

  5. They are all so gorgeous!! It is difficult to choose :)