Friday, April 29, 2011

A couple of new earrings added to challenge and the Winner is....

Another New addition to the challenge

By Jenny Jenny's beads also took their time getting to her across the ocean.  She is still actually waiting for them but she made this pair to submit with the challenge.   I hope you enjoy!

By Sherry Anderson Eacrett
Unfortunatley Sherry's beads did not get to her in time. I am so glad she made her earrings anyway, they are so pretty! Sherry's earrings are not listed in the polls to the right, but I wanted you to see them.
Thank you to all the artists who took part in my Fabulous April Earring Challenge.  I love all your designs, once again you all amazed me. I loved all the designs!

Congratulations to Kat of for winning 1st place and Peg Fisher of on winning 2nd place.  I will be sending you both a surprise gift later this week.

1. By Peg Fisher

2. By Kat

3. By Doreen Williams!/pages/Classy-Beading-Creations/115335808534650

4. By Jo-Ann Woolverton

5. By Christy Gatti

6. By Jan Tanis Designs

7. By Lori Holt!/pages/Whispering-Wind-Designs-Jewelry-Creations/106685139363547

8. By Valerie Hampton

9. By Candy Degel

10. By Elizabeth Owens Dwy


  1. It's cool to see all the many lovely variations!

  2. Love, love, love, well done ladies.

  3. Everyone did a great job with this challenge! Congratulations to everyone!

  4. Definitely some terrific earrings here!

    When does the voting start?

    Why does your blog make me go and sign into my blog email, in order to post a comment? I'm already signed it's like Fort Knox! LOL!! I've found a few others that do the same thing. I just view my comments and approve them...nothing to keep people from posting comments.

  5. Oh...and I see you also have to approve your comments. WOW!!

  6. I;ll have to check my settings Jan, It isn't suppose to make you sign in.

  7. Good Luck Ladies!!
    Everyone's designs are so creative!! I love them all!!

  8. Kat love your errings. I don't wear errings but I would wear those. Good luck

  9. Thank you so much, Chris!!!

    Sherry, WOW, those are STUNNERS!!!!!!!!!!! What a shame you didn't receive them in time to get into the voting...I think you would have blown us ALL away! AMAZING! Great job!

    Kat' Custom Kreations

  10. WOW! I am really humbled by everyone's response to my earrings. I am disappointed that the postal service didn't get my beads to me in time, but very thankful that Heather is still showing my work. I am at Gemini Creations.
    Thanks Kat for your kind words.
    Good luck :)

  11. I like peg fisher's creation, elegant simple and beautiful

  12. So many lovelies..but I really like #2 Kat's :D

  13. Can't make up my mind. They are all gorgeous but I have two favorites.

  14. Shame my beads didnt arrive on time but its a pleasure submitted a pic of some other beads I bought from Heather. Thanks Heather for giving me the chance to show my work. Jenny from Jennys Jewels x

  15. Thank you, Audrey!

    Thanks to EVERYONE who voted! EVERY vote for EVERY piece is appreciated! Without you all, we'd be in here talking amongst ourselves. And a special thanks goes to Heather for providing the beads, time, blog space and thoughtful challenge themes! We truly appreciate you and all you do! Congratulations to everyone for creating such lovely pieces! They were all worthy of winning! *hugs all around*


  16. Thank you all!

    Jenny I hope when they find there way to you you will have a great time creating something fabulous with them.

  17. What a fun challenge and way challenge our creative muses! I had a blast and a huge thanks goes out to Heather for providing the playground! Congrats to Kat and Peg!